Who am I?

Meet Crissi Ro

Crissi Ro, LME and Makeup Artist
Owner and Founder

I’m a girl who loves to read. I am a mom. I am an adventure seeker. I am a creative, crystal loving, astrology junkie.

I am Crissi Ro.

My obsession with skincare started as a little girl, watching my Aunt do her religious nightly skin routine. Its seemed like chemistry to me and she was this beautiful mad scientist. I was so intrigued with her lotions and potions. I come from a family of complicated skin. So at an early age, I was taught the importance of taking care of it and the happiness that comes from looking and feeling your best. I learned to treat different conditions with natural home remedies, over the counter concoctions, and good ol’ trial and error. Not to mention one grandmother was a highly regarded Mary Kay Distributor (pink caddy & all) and the …. other was an earth loving pagan hippie. These women taught me the heart of it all. Raising me to respect the divine father AND the mother. I was well into adulthood when I achieved my goal of becoming a retail store manager for a major skincare brand. There, I found my passion. So I pursued a desire to create my own company.

18 years of education and real life experience has brought me here. Sharing my love and knowledge for natural inner and outer beauty, secret life hacks or point of views, DIYs, and of course some TEA with the world and all who care to read on it. I received my skin esthetics license in 2016. After that, a license for medical electrologist in 2017. Then in 2021, my bachelor’s degree in business management.

My thirst for knowledge is quenched with a never ending list of certifications. And I’m here to share that knowledge with you. I would categorize myself as a naturalist but I also accept the fact that sometimes .. just sometimes .. science can lend a huge leap in natural evolution.

I hope to bring about healthy lifestyle conversations while offering an educated perspective on today’s beauty trends. I believe in blending beauty naturally. I also believe in you.

– Crissi Ro

… And so Ro & Arrow Co. was born

Founded in 2015. My new-age Apothecary, Ro & Arrow Co. ™ , produces herbal skin and lifestyle rituals with proven scientific ingredients. We offer professional esthetic services, makeup artistry, and personal care alternatives for the eco-conscious makeup-lover.

Having troubled skin myself, I set out on a journey to start a brand that follows MY beliefs and heart. The spiritual side and the inner diva.

Natural ingredients are important to me. As well as RESULTS. Pharmaceutical grade, eco-friendly, extracts and botanicals give potent levels of benefits. These additives shape a products performance and value. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida with a satellite office in New York City, Ro & Arrow Co. is striving to bring a new-age lifestyle of personal care for all sexes. Personal care that honors what’s within as well as what’s without. A holistic look at science and magic. Blending all beauty … naturally.

Soap, Tea & Mascara is where I let my fingers do the talking. Spilling out what’s on my mind. What I want to learn or teach, and what knowledge I want to share. It represents a collective of brands with one thing in common. PASSION. Believing in the power of how outward beauty brings inner confidence. I try my best to talk about only positive, all-inclusive, families of brands that follow the same passion for the environment, community, and independence.

Who are we looking to help?

Our mission is to spread self love through knowledge, inspiration, and motivation. We want to help the person that wants to help themselves. Wither it be through business and entrepreneurship, through esthetics and getting your skin together, or even just navigating through life as a woman. We want to be a pillar in the community for change. Positivity. Love, and a helping hand for what ever is needed.

The goal is to create a community more focused on their own inner balance. Focused on fullfilment vs. happiness. Spreading healthy, holistic-diva ideas and starting conversations about relatable topics within our current world and routines.

We want to help small businesses thrive. We want to help indiviuals succeed in accomplishing their dreams.

We want to help you love you!

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