How do I know my skin type? What products should I use for my skin type?

Skin care is a science and an art, but don’t be intimidated. It is something we can all learn. The trick to caring for your skin … is truly knowing your skin. Understanding your skin means finding the right products that work for you and combat potential issues without causing more problems.

There are 4 major skin types: Normal, Dry, Oily, and Combination. These are the skin types at the core of your DNA and should be the foundation of your skin care routine.

Then according to your lifestyle, living climate, and nutrition, these 4 general skin types will evolve into a more specific genre like: normal/sensitive, dry/dehydrated, combo/reactive, acne-prone, sensitive and mature.

I’ll be focusing today on the 4 major skin types only. Diving into the main characteristics and care routines my experience has shown work best. Learn how to identify and care for yours below.

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This skin type will feel neither too oily or too dry. Skin will look clear of imperfections or flaking and show a balanced glow throughout day.

Recommended Daytime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Gentle gel cleanser. Light exfoliation can be used on alternating days. I recommend a cream based scrub for this exfoliation 2- 3 times per week.

2. Toner: Calming or brightening toner. Green tea is a great ingredient to look for in these toners.

3. Serum: Target your skin concern with this product. Whether it be anti-aging, hydration, or dullness. Stem cells are phenomenal ingredients for this type of skin.

4. Moisturizer: A gentle, clean, moisturizer with a small list of ingredients will work best. The cleaner the better. Aloe on it’s own is a great substitute for a product with a laundry list of ingredients.

5. Sunscreen: ALWAYS a MUST!! Find a light weight one that will not feel greasy throughout the day or cake under your make up.

Recommended Nighttime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Cream or oil based cleanser. Used twice for a good double cleanse. Especially on nights after makeup use.

2. Toner: Brightening or antioxidant formula. Antioxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals leads to skin dullness. Beat them at the source.

3. Serum: Refining or Antioxidant formula is recommended as well. Again, look for a serum containing stem cells. Retinol is also recommended on alternating nights to boost cell turnover.

4. Moisturizer: Brightening night cream. Dullness is the enemy of normal skin. Kick it’s ass while you sleep.

Treatments for this skin type: It’s all about the glow. AHA/BHA masks help refine skin and maintain a healthy glow. Monthly deep cleansing facials are

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This skin type will appear shiny all over in appearance, including the cheek area. Enlarged pores, blackheads, and other acneic types will fall into this category. Texture and acne will be a major concern for this with this skin type. Exfoliation and combating inflammation should be at the core of the skin routine for someone living with this skin.

Recommended Daytime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Exfoliating foam or gel cleanser. Look for one with enzymes or AHA (Salicylic Acid) to remove any dead skin and decongest pores.

2. Toner: Brightening or purifying toner. Restore balance and pH. Witch hazel or glycolic acid toners are perfect for this.

3. Serum: Target your skin concern with this product. Whether it be acne, hydration, hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide is a sebum regulating ingredient that works great for oily skin. Willow bark is also a grea to help absorb oil throughout day.

4. Moisturizer: Light weight and sheer moisturizer. Gel types are best. To avoid over exfoliation, choose a gentle formula with limited ingredients.

5. Sunscreen: ALWAYS a MUST!! Even if you are oily or dark skinned. Find a light weight one that will not be greasy through the day or under your make up. You can set your moisturizer with setting powder and pat a sunscreen on top over t-zone.

Recommended Nighttime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Start with an oil cleanser to remove top layer of dirt, oil, and makeup. Use an AHA/BHA Cleanser for the second cleanse. Any gel type with glycolic acid is best. Especially for those who wear makeup daily.

2. Toner: Balancing and equalizing formula.

3. Serum: Refining or antioxidant formula. A good retinol serum is recommended. Start 2-4 times per week until you can tolerate it each night. If over dryness occurs stop use and go back to 2-4 times per week.

4. Moisturizer: None irritating night cream or a light weight facial oil is my recommendation. My personal favorite is a facial oil. It might sound weird to put oil on your face when you already have an oily skin type but it’s actually a scientific fact that oil bonds to oil. When using a facial oil at night, your skin absorbs all it can hold and therefore produces less oil the following day. 😉 thank me later.

Treatments for this skin type: Deep exfoliating treatments are best. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and enzymes are the monthly go-to. Clay masks are best to draw out extra oil and impurities as well as soothe any inflamed pores.

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You will know you have a dry skin type by the flaky, rough, dull or patchy look it will have. Pores will be barely visible and your skin will feel tight at times. Especially after cleansing. This skin type is known for premature aging and prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Recommended Daytime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Cream Cleanser; I recommend using your cleanser with a damp wash cloth. This will give a gentle and mild exfoliation removing any flakes or dead skin softly.

2. Toner: Hydrating or refreshing toners work best. I recommend finding one with rose water or vitamin c that you really like. A micellar water also works very, very well for this step.

3. Serum: Target your skin concern with this product. Whether it be moisture (use hyaluronic acid) or fine lines and wrinkle (use a low to medium grade retinol)

4. Moisturizer: Thick and creamy are the go to here. You want something clean and not too heavy with oils. As you will be using a sunscreen that will add additional moisture to the skin you don’t want to feel greasy. Let this product set on your skin for 2-5 minutes before you pat your sunscreen on top.

5. Sunscreen: This is essential for persons with dry skin. The sun does you absolutely NO justice. Your moisturizer will be creamy and hydrating so you want to find a light weight sunscreen to compliment.

Recommended Nighttime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Start with an oil cleanser to remove the top layer of dirt, oil, and makeup. Then use your cream cleanser for the second cleanse. This double cleanse step is crucial, especially for those who wear makeup daily.

2. Toner: Refreshing or moisturizing formula. Avoid vitamin c at night.

3. Serum: Stem cell or a retinol product is highly recommended as they both will help you with your cell turn over. Cell turnover is a major concern for those with dry skin and combating this concern will aid with overall texture, clarity, and suppleness.

4. Moisturizer: Facial oil. Facial oil. Facial oil. Highly effective. Much needed, and responsive to this skin type. Vitamin e or hyaluronic acid are great ingredients to look for. Be your best little glazed donut self and let your skin drink up.

Treatments for this skin type: Moisture! You want to find deep hydration with gel or cream masks. Neon high frequency and red LED therapy are another go to.

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I find this skin type to be the most difficult to identify. It is also the most common. The general indication for this skin type is an oily t-zone area and dry cheeks and jawline. However, combination skin can also include just an oily nose with normal, well-balanced cheeks and jawline. Sometimes you may even have a dry forehead, nose, and mouth with an oily eye area. To make it simple, if you experience multiple skin types on one face …. you’re combination.

Recommended Daytime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Gel or foam cleansers are great for combination skin. The right one can be both moisturizing and purifying with out leaving a residue behind.

2. Toner: Balancing and equalizing toner. Restore your pH and moisture barrier.

3. Serum: Target your skin concern with this product. Whether it be acne, hydration, or hyperpigmentation.

4. Moisturizer: Light weight antioxidant moisturizers are best. The simpler the better. Less irritation and soothing. Aloe and grape seed oil are great ingredients to look for.

5. Sunscreen: ALWAYS a MUST!! Pat over moisturizer. Don’t rub in. Find a clean formula that will complement both of your skin concerns. Light weight for oily skin and moisturizing for your drier areas.

Recommended Nighttime Regime:

1. Cleanser: Start with an oil cleanser to remove top layer of dirt, oil, and makeup. A gel cleanser works best for this skin’s second cleanse.

2. Toner: Balancing/equalizing formula, even a micellar water would be my recommendation.

3. Serum: Antioxidant formula or retinol works great. Target your skin concern with this product and make sure to let sit on skin for a few minutes before patting your moisturizer on.

4. Moisturizer: Antioxidant, renewing, or brightening night cream is best for this skin. Finishing off your skin regime with a burst of moisture is highly recommended. Even if you have oily areas. Using a formula this is both light weight and moisturizing will help you produce less oil over time with nightly use.

Treatments for this skin type: You want to practice the art of “multi-masking” with this skin type. Using a refining or clay mask on your oily areas and a creamy hydrating one on your drier areas. I recommend jelly masks as well for this skin type as the gel cools down the skin and adapts to your skin needs. Giving moisture where you need it and absorbing excess oil where it is not.

So there you have it. The 4 main skin types are normal, oily, dry, and combination. You want to wash your face with a gentle and mild cleanser. Wait 2 hours and check your skin in the mirror. Is it shiny all over? I would classify this as an oily skin type. Flaky or tight? Then baby … you’re dry. Oily t-zone but normal, maybe even dry cheeks. These are strong signs you’re combination.

As with all skincare routines, regardless of skin type, consistency is KEY. Never miss a night. We all know life can be hectic but if great skin is a goal. It must also be a priority.

Need more help deciding? Or finding a great product for your skin?

Book a free consultation with me. I would love to help.

Crissi Ro 💋

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