Hello, Hello … I’m Crissi Ro ツ

Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. My name is Crissi and I’m the author of this Blog. You’ll find product reviews, DIY Ideas & Recipes, Healthy eating alternatives to your average pig out worthy meals, travel recommendations and tips, general mommy-hood topics and parenting in general. As well as your occational “tea” where i talk about current events in media and happenings and the world.

Hey .. That’s me!

Why do I do this?

  • Because I love skincare, I love make up, I love learning and teaching.
  • Because it will help someone learn about themselves, their skin, thier interests, and possibly something they never knew.

Who am I?

  • I am a Mom.
  • I am a Licensed Medical Aesthetician.
  • I am an Adventure Seeker.
  • An herb using creative, Crystal loving, Astrology junkie.

My obsession with skincare started as a little girl, watching my Aunt do her religous nightly skin routine. Its seemed like chemistry to me and she was this beautiful mad scientist. I was so intriqued with her lotions and potions. I come from a family of complicated skin. So at an early age I was taught the importance of taking care of it and the happiness that comes from looking and feeling your best. I learned to treat different conditions with natural home remedies, over the counter concoctions, and good ol’ trial and error. After I was well into adulthood and after acheieving my goal of becoming a retail store manager for a major skincare brand, I found my passion. So I persued a desire to creat my own company.

16 years of education and real life experience has brought me here. Sharing my love for natural inner and outer beauty with the world and all who care to read on it. I recieved my Esthetics License in 2016. After that, a license in Medical Electrology in 2017. My thirst for knowledge is quenched with a never ending list of certifications. And I’m here to share that knowledge with you. I would categorize myself as a naturalist but I also accept the fact that sometimes .. just sometimes .. science can lend a huge leap in natural evolution.

I hope you love my content and come back for more. I want to speak my mind about controversal topics as well as give the world my knowledge, showcase my talents, and foster a community of love, trust, and beautiful, confident people.

In short .. THIS IS MY WORLD. Where I take my thoughts about products and topics and express them for the world to read. Enjoy!!

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