Hot or Not: TooFaced Chocolate Gold Palette

Hello, Hello πŸ’œ Today we’re talking about the TooFaced Chocolate Palette. I purchased this around my birthday in mid-December 2017. I’ve honestly been waiting for this palette for quite sometime. Totally fell in love at first sight when it was leaked on the internet back in June. 

I felt this palette was a must have for the range of shimmer and metallics it contained. This day and age there are sooooo many palettes out one can get so confused and whirlwinded walking into and beauty shop and seeing the variety of palettes out right now. Especially since 90% of them look the same πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. It can truly give you a WTF moment. 

The packaging is absolutely STUNNING. Feels heavy and luxurious. I can’t rave enough about the FULL SIZE mirror on the inside and that is not even the best part. Jerrod (CEO of TooFaced) put his foot in all of this cause they way this formula is set up. Someone done sold their soul to the devil hunny. Buttery, creamy, and the truest to color I’ve seen in a while. This really stepped my collection up a notch with the range of color too. Similar lay out to the other chocolate bar palettes. I feel this just makes the chocolate collection complete because of all the shimmers. You can mix and match them to make countless looks! 


Crissi Ro Rating: HOT  

 TooFaced Chocolate Gold  
TooFaced Chocolate Gold  

Left to right: Drippin’ Diamonds, Gold Dipped, Famous, New Money.  

Left to right: Classy & Sassy, Chocolate Gold, Money Bags, Love & Cocoa, Holla for a dollar, Livin’ Lavish (who came up with these names?!?? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚) 

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