It’s Resolution Time πŸŽ‰

Ah yes, that wonderful time of year where everyone on earth is a “new person” compared to the one they were a week ago. The gym is flooded. Weight loss products are flying off the shelves.  Everyone seems to be in a whirl wind to accomplish something they honestly could have started 6 months ago. 

I’m all for growth. It’s an essential part of life. But can one person truly do a 180* when all they focus on is one thing? The truth is. Yes. I just feel we’re not doing it smart enough. 

Studies show that the most solid way to accomplish a goal is to break it down into smaller, realistic, attainable, action plans. One cannot simply say I want to lose weight. Start eating salads, and expect large amounts of weight to come off as well as stay off. If losing weight is the goal you must breakout down. Start by writing down how much you want to lose and give your self a completion date. Hold yourself accountable and then break that down further. How much weight to lose per month? How much per week? Once that’s decided then break down your diet and your exercise. It all works together, and as functioning adults we can agree that without diet and exercise (unless you’re rich and Dr. Miami is your bestie) one will forever be a chunky monkey. 

Before you know it you’re half way there. Give yourself checkpoint dates. Put reminders in your phone. Calender. Hell, staple them to your panties.. Whatever works, we don’t judge. Just keep in mind that holding yourself accountable is the MOST important thing you could do! 

So remember: make a goal, break it down, break it down again, hold yourself accountable and honey nothing in this world can stop you.

🀘🏽God Speed  

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