Spring Break 2019

So excited to finally get some off time! I want to relax but the lord knows that’s an impossible feat for me.

Getting some well deserved quiet time in while I can.

I just finished “A Star is Born” (I know, I’m late, whatever) .. it was AMAZING! Low key mad at myself for not watching it sooner. I cried about 3 times (yes, I’m an emotional gangsta) nothing major. I’m a movie cryer and I’m proud. Lady Gaga was surprisingly great in this role. Bradley Cooper is well .. Bradley fucking Cooper, the titan amoung men. A true must see. They both did great.

Prepping for our 1st family road trip. It’s ”spring break” here in Orlando. Did not want the kids staying in the house the whole time. So I booked a room in Atlanta, GA. Going to fill up the tank. And we are OUT! 🚗💨💨

My great friend Ronnie will be my Co-Pilot. Great tunes 🎶. Hopefully great scenery 🌞🌻🍃. I’m E X C I T E D.

A few things planned. Like the Aquarium. Georgia Tech. I really just want to get out of Florida. See something different, you know?

Let’s see what ATL, holds 🤗 …