Oh Hot-LANTA!!

Spring Break was a major, MAJOR success!!! Atlanta, GA .. you were good to us!

My babies and I were thoughroly happy with how this trip unfolded. A little bit of drama at the beginning, I will not lie (we’ll talk tea☕️ later). But the trip itself was worth every penny, frustration, and minute 💜💜

 My Kids and I .. Janiyah (13) & Mikey (9)
My Kids and I .. Janiyah (13) & Mikey (9)

We enjoyed our time at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, the Georgia Aquarium, and at the World of Coca-Cola. I, of course, got into some “adult” activities. Enjoying a night out on the town with one of my besties 💃🏽💃🏽. 

 Follow @mrrealperfect on INSTAGRAM 📸
Follow @mrrealperfect on INSTAGRAM 📸

A very urban feel the city has. I loved how it brought me back to my roots of NYC. Tall buildings, the noise, the scent of trash, lol. I will say that I was completely unaware of the amount of homeless people sleeping wide open in the streets. They are by the dozen. All the music moguls and celebrities that have come up out of Atlanta, I would think someone would have helped these unfortunate souls. Of course I’m a firm believer of “you can only bring a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.” However, it was evident to be the norm to walk down the street in Atlanta and have 5-6 homeless people sleeping on their own person peice of street. May it be my strong sense of empathy. Maybe it was my compassion. Either way .. it bothered me. Found it weird the Atlanta Police out there just let these people just be like that. All I’ve rthe street. Guess they have bigger things to worry about.

Our hotel was BEAUTIFUL. We stayed at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel. I will admit. The staff was horrible. The 2 star chics running the front desk left a sour taste in our mouth as we were expecting 5 star service at the 5 star hotel I had booked. They were not welcoming or interested in checking us in. I got a few eye rolls. Just an all around ghetto experience. Of course we got a room with no view and right in front of the elevator so we can hear EVERYONE as they got on and off the elevator. I for one get over all that little stuff. Ronnie however, cannot lol. I will give 4 stars for their beautiful pool and Fandangles restaurant. The bartenders there were very inviting and courteous. Super sweet.

I loved our little family vacation. The kids enjoyed themselves VERY much. And I know they will forever have this memory. That makes my heart smile. Soon they will not want anything to do with me lol. I have to spend as much time with them as possibility, while i can , while they still find me cool lol. It’s a priority to make sure I give them the best memories and experiences. Things to pass on to my grandchildren. Behaviors and experiences that build a cultured life. Cant wait to see where life takes us next!!

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